Champagne Lovers Gift Guide

If you haven't heard...we love champagne. No. We ADORE champagne and we love anything related to our favorite bubbly beverage. With holiday shopping in full swing, we have been looking for gifts to buy each other. The list of things to buy each other is so EPIC we decided we must share with all our other bubbly lovers. Here is a list of our favorite gift ideas for all the bubbly babes on your christmas list!

xxx Ivy & Eve


For the Jetsetter

1. The carry on champagne cocktail by W&P Design. Now you can go anywhere and never be without your staple drink! 

For the Fashionista

2. The champagne bottle clutch from Kate Spade. What gets better than carrying all your essentials in a glittery bottle of champagne?

For the Trend Setter

3. Seriously- bring us champagne and we will get up faster then you can pop that bottle! Available here.

For the Gatsby Lover

4. Stackable champagne glasses are the ultimate party trick and perfect for any Great Gatsby themed party! Available at Coupe Stack.

For the Foodie Friend

5. By now, we all know Sugarfina and their delicious champagne gummy bears. Not everyone knows about their bubbly bento box. This is the ultimate collection of Sugarfina's champagne candies including their baby champagne gummy bears, sparkle pops, and bubbly bears. What makes this bento box so special is that it's not only a collaboration with Johnathan Alder and the box is made with 24k gold, but the baby champagne bears and the bubbly bears are infused with Don Pérignon Vintage champagne! Hello YUM! Buy them here.

For the Designer Diva

6. Because who doesn't need a champagne cork side table?! Available here.

For the Beauty Babe

7. Trust Fund Beauty's Champagne Socialite will make your mani go perfectly with your bubbly drink and on-trend velvet party dress. 

For the Stylish Nerd

8. Now you can subtly show off your love for bubbles and science! This necklace is shaped like a molecule of wine. Buy one here!

For the Bookworm

9. This beautiful and informative book about champagne will look perfect on anyone's coffee table! Available here.

For the Life of the Party

10. Chambongs. Why didn't we have these when we were in college?! Now available in plastic - perfect for poolside parties! (We have these and LOVE them!)