At the End of Our Rainbow: DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles & Printable!

With Saint Patricks Day looming, it got us thinking about reaching the end of a rainbow. What would we find? As kids, we would have wished for unicorns, magic wands, and Hogwarts letters. Although we're still waiting for our Hogwarts letters (we're convinced that our owls are just lost), we also wouldn't mind finding some of these bottles of bubbly! We will be celebrating the Luck O' the Irish with these glittery treasures.

xxx Ivy & Eve

Here's how to make your own:


Can of spray adhesive


Bottles of your favorite bubbly (we used mini bottles, but any bottle will work)


Print outs of our printable

Tin foil

  1. Cover work surface with newspaper (we did this DIY outside)

  2. Cover neck of bottles with foil, to prevent adhesive and glitter sticking to it. 

  3. Spray bottles evenly with adhesive. (make sure to pop ay bubbles that may appear)

  4. Sprinkle glitter on bottle until covered, shake off excess.

  5. Let bottles dry.

  6. While bottles dry, print and cut tags. Punch holes and thread string through the tag.

  7. Slip tag over neck of bottle. 

  8. Taa-daa! That simple!