Easter Bunny Approved: Wines and More

Our family always hosts Easter Sunday at our house. This included egg dying, Easter dinner, and of course, the Easter egg hunt. We used to have a lot of land, perfect for epic Easter egg hunt. As kids, we strategized and created alliances amongst ourselves in order to find the Golden Egg. Our Golden egg was usually filled with some sort of tasty treat, and money. This egg hunt was the event that dictated the rest of the day. All of the Dads would hide eggs for what seemed like hours and they were so good at it, we used to find old eggs years later! Now that we are older, we definitely still love the easter egg hunt, but we also have a greater appreciation for the gathering of family, near and far, to celebrate faith, food, and fun. 

This year, we have been tasked with our regular rolls of easter egg dying, and picking out the wines for our Easter feast. We happily took on these rolls and wanted to share both with you all! 

First off, easter egg dying. This year we cut it a little short and forgot to purchase the box kit for dying easter eggs. We googled how to do it with food dye, vinegar, and water, and it was SO simple we wondered why we ever bothered buying the kit. 

Ingredients per color:

  1. Half cup boiling water

  2. 1 teaspoon vinegar 

  3. Food Coloring

  4. Temporary tattoos (optional) we used Flash Tattoos 

We used this website to help create the colors we wanted, or just experiment and make your own! We dyed our eggs and let them sit and dry. Then we applied the temporary tattoos. You simply sponge them on the egg with warm water as you would on yourself.

Ta da!


Once we checked that off our list, we headed to the magical land of Bevmo. If you are lucky enough to have one of these in your town you should definitely invest some time shopping there. Be sure to sign up for a Bevmo card for super great deals, like their 5 cent wine sale. We selected four options for our Easter dinner to suit everyones tastes, and each goes well with a traditional easter dish.

Wine Details:

Bubbly Schramsberg Blanc De Blancs | Rose Gerard Bertrand Sauvageonne Ro | Pinot Noir Morgan | Cabernet Sauvignon Souverain

We picked bubbly to start off our Easter celebrations, we have mimosas in the morning and continue with bubbly throughout the day. We picked a bubbly that is crisp and zesty, and pairs well with the richness of deviled eggs. Bubbles also go great with chocolate, as we're sure you already know! Rosé is another great wine to have on your Easter table because its pretty and festive. A dry rosé pairs well with the Easter's centerpiece ham since it has light tannins and flavors work well with the saltiness of the dish. If you celebrate with red wine drinkers, pinot noir works equally well with ham. Lastly, if you have lamb on your table we suggest a full bodied red, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon. Lamb's strong flavors need an equally bold wine to pair with it. 

Before you rush off to prepare for Sundays festivities, here is some easter basket inspiration. We made these just incase the Easter Bunny forgets to bring the bubbly!

Happy Easter!

xxx Ivy & Eve