Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Mother's Day & Free Printable Card!

With Mother's Day just around the corner Eve and I were toying with ideas of what to give our mom this year. After some time thinking we decided we would make her chocolate covered strawberries. We always buy these yummy morsels when we spot them in cafes and chocolate shops but had never really attempted to make any ourselves. It was SO simple, not to mention affordable! We recommend pairing these with a bottle of bubbly, naturally. We also designed a cute card to go with them for your Mom, because she really is the sweetest! Download the full size card (we made a mini one to fit better in the pictures) for FREE by subscribing HERE! If you already subscribe, don't worry, we will be sending it to you shortly. :) Cheers to all our sweet Mothers! 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Ingredients & Supplies:

High quality white & dark melting chocolate 


Sprinkles, Nuts, and anything you want to top them with (optional)

Baking sheet

Parchment paper



  1. Place melting chocolate in a microwave safe bowl (you can also melt on the stove if you have more time).
  2. Set microwave to 30 second increments and stir until just melted.
  3. Place parchment paper on baking sheet
  4. Simply dip strawberry in chocolate 
  5. Top with sprinkles or whatever your heart desires
  6. Let cool and set in refrigerator before serving (they are best eaten the day of or next day)

Your Mom will LOVE them we promise!