Airplane Essentials

We are currently planning a trip to Europe in June for two and a half weeks! Dealing with checking a bag, keeping it within the weight requirement, and having to pay ridiculous amounts to do it is just not worth it for us for such a short trip. So we decided this trip to only bring carry-on bags. We will share all the details about our trip with you as we plan. First off, we are sharing our airplane essentials. These items are some of our must-haves while we fly. 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Travel Bag | Sleeping Mask | Aquaphor | Kate Spade Travel Wallet | Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes | Marble Macbook CaseRX Bar | Delicious Days in Paris Book | Earbuds 

Ivy packs her laptop to work on illustrations and photo editing. She also brings her Aquaphor chapstick that she literally cannot leave the house without. For a snack she has a RX Bar in her favorite flavor, mint chocolate. Her book of choice is a travel food guide, because thats her number one priority while visiting any destination...eating good food! 

Travel Bag | Cashmere Wrap | Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Collection | Sacré Blue Book | Earbuds | Epic Bar | Kate Spade Mini Ipad Case | Beauty Flash Balm |  S'well Water Bottle 

Eve packs her comfiest cashmere wrap to keep warm yet stylish while flying. She also loads all 8 Harry Potter films onto her iPad Mini incase she gets sick of the in-flight entertainment. Eve's skin gets really dry during travel so she makes sure to pack her Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and drinks loads of water to keep hydrated. Her book of choice for this trip is Sacré Blue, a hilarious tale of the Impressionist painters of Paris and their dangerous obsession with the color blue...