DIY Floral Box Arrangement

When Eve was searching for the perfect gift for Ivy's recent birthday, she came across a pretty marble and wood box. She wanted to find a cute way of presenting it to Ivy and remembered how Ivy loves Olive & Cocoa's boxed flower arrangements. Eve decided to DIY one for Ivy! It turns out, you only need a few materials (most of which you probably already own) and it is much more affordable doing it yourself than ordering one. For our DIY, we used a wrapped shoe box, however, feel free to use any type of container. We are planning to give these as graduation presents with small gifts, such as jewelry, nestled on top! This gift also goes great with glittered bottles of bubbly (DIY here). That way, not only is the gift great, but the box is a gift in itself! 


1 large bouquet of flowers (roses, peonies, tulips, there are so many options!)

1 bunch of floral greens (we cut ours from our yard)

1 block of floral foam (you can buy it here)

1 box with lid (we used a shoe box for this DIY)

wrapping paper


1 trash bag



  1. Cut wrapping paper and wrap the outside of the shoebox lid and bottom. Secure with tape.
  2. Measure and cut the floral foam to fit snugly inside shoebox. Cut the block to about 1/2 the height of the box you are using.
  3. Soak foam in water, add flower food powder to water for longevity. Soak foam for 5-10 minutes, until  heavy and fully saturated.
  4. While waiting for foam to saturate, line the inside of shoebox with a cut up trash bag and tape. Make sure the lining is secured because the box will fall apart if it gets wet!
  5. Place saturated foam back inside lined shoebox.
  6. Measure the flowers to the height you want them to stick out of the box. (we measured them tall because we did not want to use the lid, if you want the lid to fit cut shorter)
  7. Arrange flowers and greens as desired.
  8. Enjoy!