Fall To Do List + Free Printable

Today is the first day of autumn! This year, we are more excited than ever for the drop in temperature and increase in all things pumpkin! 

We have put together a to do list for ourselves this year and want to share it with you all. Together we can check each one off!

Visit a pumpkin patch

This is a quintessential fall thing to do. I mean, how else are you going to get pumpkins for carving? We love visiting pumpkin patches because it is so much more festive then just picking some up at the grocery store. 

Bake an apple pie

Fall is apple picking season so baking an apple pie is basically a necessity. There is almost nothing better then a homemade apple pie (ok, champagne is pretty great too)!

Carve pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is not just for kids! We still love designing ours each year for our entryway for Halloween. Plus you can save all those seeds for roasting (yum!) or planting for the next year!

Take a walk to enjoy the changing leaves

The changing leaves are one of our favorite things about fall. In college, we both lived in places that had crazy beautiful trees changing colors in the fall. California is not the best place to see fall colors but it makes it all the more exciting when you do spot a tree or two with changing leaves! We like spending time each autumn to take a walk in the crisp air and gaze at all the colors around us. 

Plant spring bulbs

Ivy is a master gardener (its what she does for her day job) so she loves spring bulbs. She delights in the thought of fall and planting her spring blooming bulbs.

Buy a fall scented candle

Fall scented candles are the best candles. There are so many yummy scents to choose from... pumpkin pie, cranberry woods, autumn, sweater weather and so many more.

Take out your plaid shirts

We love plaid flannel shirts...or anything plaid! Here is one we are crushing on right now!

Test out a new pumpkin recipe

There are so many yummy pumpkin recipes we love making this time of year. We have already shared with you our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe here, and will be sharing with you more later this fall. 

Knit a hat or scarf

Fall mornings and nights can be chilly so you need something to keep you toasty warm. Learn to knit with this kit or that kit from We Are Knitters!

Treat yourself to new fuzzy socks

There is nothing better then putting on new fuzzy warm socks when your feet are cold! Cozying up by a warm fire is optional, but totally recommended!

Make a list of things you are thankful for

Making a list of everything you are grateful for each year is a great thing to do. When you think about all the great things in your life, the not so awesome stuff always seems to disappear. 

Here is our little printable fall to-do list! (click here) Print it out and check things off throughout the season! 

xxx Ivy & Eve