Autumn Champagne Cocktail

2016-10-09 12.53.54.jpg

We love champagne, and by now you probably know we LOVE autumn, so what better than combine two things we can't live without! We love drinking champagne on its own but sometimes it's fun to spruce it up a bit and make a champagne cocktail. With all the autumn festivities going on, we started brainstorming cocktail ideas. Quickly, we narrowed it down to something with champagne and then decided to pair it with the quintessential fall apple cider. We are pretty happy with the results and it takes 5 minutes or less to make! This cocktail is perfect for any fall gathering and screams to be served during Thanksgiving dinner. 

Makes 6 cocktails



  1. Drizzle the caramel sauce on champagne flute rim.

  2. Turn over the flute and roll the rim in the brown sugar.

  3. Pour about 1.5 oz (one shot) of apple cider into the champagne flutes.

  4. Pop that champagne!

  5. Pour champagne into flutes, fill to brim.