Summer Whites


Outfit Details:

Dress Olivia Culpo x Le Tote | Heels JustFab (similar) | Ring Vintage | Purse Danielle Nicole | Lipstick  Maybelline New York in Voyager



While summer is coming to a close, our love for white's and summer brights are not fading anytime soon. Last weekend Ivy put on this pretty lace number for a day of hanging out with family and friends at our house. This dress is prefect for formal occasions like baby showers and graduation parties but just throw on a black leather jacket and this classic dress turns edgy! We're not a fan of rules, so wearing white after Labor Day is just our type of rebellion!

Join JustFab now and enjoy $15 off your first purchase!

xxx Ivy & Eve


A Desert Retreat


Eve's Outfit Details:

Dress & Hat Just Fab | Sandals Sam & Libby for Target (sold out) | Necklace Stella & Dot (sold out) | Bracelet Maria Shireen | Clutch Imoshion | Sunglasses Zenni Optical

A month ago we took a quick weekend trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. We had never been, and were excited to travel somewhere unfamiliar and sunny. California is sunny, don't get us wrong. But on the Monterey Peninsula (where we live) the average temperature is about 65 degrees year-round. So to us, Arizona was going to be REALLY hot. Eve brought along her new adorable dress from Just Fab and paired it with her trusty Sam & Libby sandals from Target we have featured in several other posts. She also brought along her new hat from Just Fab Hello Sunshine - perfect for keeping the sun out of her face. But our favorite accessory was the Imoshion lemon pattern clutch. The perfect size for fitting all the essentials for warm weather i.e. sunglasses, extra sunscreen, lip gloss, phone, and a large wallet. 

xxx Ivy & Eve


Top 5 Subscription Boxes For 2017

In today's world, you can basically order anything online, without the hassle of having to get out of bed, put on makeup, and drive. Let's be real, we are lazier shoppers today than we were just a few years ago. Something that hasn't changed over the years though is the joy and excitement of getting a package in the mail! That's why we think subscription box services are so awesome!! Over the years, we have joined numerous services (some we have been subscribers for years). We've put together our top 5 subscription box services for 2017.

Hope you enjoy!!

xxx Ivy & Eve

  1. Frisky Britches - For just $14 a month, you receive two adorable and comfy undies right to your door! They have three different subscription options; "The Kitten" which includes two cheeky undies, "The Kitty" one cheeky and one thong, and "The Kougar" two thongs. We also love the brands they use like Honeydew and René Rofé. This is a great option for those of you who hate going to Victoria's Secret or just love having new cute undies. 
  2. FabFitFun - A quarterly subscription box FULL of the seasons' most coveted products. Each box is worth over $200 and filled with loads of full sized products ranging from fashion, jewelry, fitness, and more! Quarterly subscriptions cost $49.99.  We recommend purchasing the yearly subscription for $179.99 which allows you to customize your boxes and get first access to add-ons and other fun goodies! 
  3. Ipsy - For only $10 a month you get a cute makeup pouch with a unique design each month full of cosmetics! We love Ipsy and have been using it for over 5 years now. Ipsy wins over other makeup subscription services like Birchbox (we tried this one before we found Ipsy) because Ipsy sends you full-size products, brushes, and more. No more tiny samples you can only use once and have to toss. We honestly rarely buy makeup anymore because Ipsy sends us such great products catered to our taste. The longer you are a subscriber and the more reviews you do the better the staff can match products to you each month.  If you are interested in trying a free month email us! **Limited availability
  4. Winc - Wine every month?! Yes, please! We started using Winc about a year ago and it's been fun trying out their wines each month. Winc is awesome because it has a large variety of wines from all over the world, it's really affordable (most wines are $13!) and their labels, designed just for them, are super trendy. You can also purchase as little as 3 wines per shipment or skip a month if needed.  Here is a more in-depth review of Winc we did last year. Email us to receive 3 free bottles of wine! ** Limited quantity available, use our link below for $13 towards your first bottle:
  5. Bouqs - Who doesn't love fresh bouquets delivered to their door or office? Bouqs delivered farm-fresh, custom cut floral arrangements to your door. You can choose from several different bouquets and decide how often you want them- from every week to quarterly. Shipments cost from $40-70 depending on the bouquet size and the more often you have them delivered, the better the deal (from 10-25% off!). Make everyone in your office think you have a secret admirer! We won't tell! ;)

Bonus: Sprezzabox - This box is the perfect subscription box for any stylish guy- or one who needs a little help in the style department. Each month, you receive 5-6 handpicked men's fashion and lifestyle items for just $28. Boxes almost always include a tie, socks, and pocket square as well as 1-2 other style items and 1-2 lifestyle/hygiene product. If you think subscription boxes are just for ladies, we promise your guy won't be disappointed! We have given these subscriptions as gifts to several of our favorite guys and they have loved them! 

Frisky Britches 

Frisky Britches 

Previous FabFitFun box!

Previous FabFitFun box!

One of our Past Glam Bag from Ipsy! Full-size lipstick, nail polish, perfume roller, concealer, and a half size eyeliner.

One of our Past Glam Bag from Ipsy! Full-size lipstick, nail polish, perfume roller, concealer, and a half size eyeliner.

One of the wines we received from Winc. Don't you love the label?! 

One of the wines we received from Winc. Don't you love the label?! 

Image source:  Bouqs

Image source: Bouqs

Image source:  Bouqs

Image source: Bouqs

Some Sprezzabox goodies including a tie, pocket square, cigar cutter, pin, and socks. 

Some Sprezzabox goodies including a tie, pocket square, cigar cutter, pin, and socks. 

Lazy Morning Rituals With Splendies

Working five days a week leaves little time to enjoy your mornings. When we get to relax and take our time in the morning there are a few "rituals" we like to include....

  • Stretch! We rarely stretch in the mornings, our alarm goes off, and we reluctantly crawl out of bed. Stretching first thing before getting out of bed feels so good!
  • Good vibes. If you still need to set an alarm, set one on your phone that reminds you to enjoy and appreciate all you have. Ivy's alarm has hers say "Thank you for today" to remind her to be thankful.
  • Go electronics free. We are on our phones, computers, or watching TV so often at home. Take time to wake up without checking these things- maybe read a book, newspaper or magazine- you'll have time to catch up later.
  • Play some soft music or open a window and listen to the birds outside. 
  • Enjoy coffee. This goes for tea as well, but take a moment to enjoy it not gulp it down and rush out the door.
  • Appreciate that you are in no rush, and that you can be lazy and not get dressed right away-relax in your undies! 

Splendies is a monthly underwear subscription service. For only $13.99, you get three adorable undies each month! The service is totally catered to your taste, you can request certain kinds of underwear or ask for it to be a surprise! The quality is great and they have a huge selection of sizes. We love getting new undies every month. What girl doesn't?!

xxx Ivy & Eve

Thank you Splendies for partnering with us on this post!

Wine Yoga With Enjoy Leggings

We have always loved the idea of taking time to connect with our mind and body. Unfortunately, we rarely make time to meditate, practice yoga, or even take a deep breath. So over the weekend, when there was a break in the rain, we decided to enjoy a glass of wine and try some yoga poses that we learned from the recent yoga class we took while on our Cambria Girls Weekend (Hey, there is such thing as beer yoga classes so why not wine yoga!). 

We discovered Enjoy Leggings recently and LOVE how soft and stylish their leggings are! Plus, the material is opaque so there is no risk of your undies showing. It's hard to find affordable leggings that are comfy, stylish, and totally functional. Enjoy Leggings is an awesome monthly subscription service. For just $16.95 you receive a new pair of leggings in your mail box every month! With so many patterns every shipment is a surprise (we love surprises!). Enjoy Leggings also donates a portion of their proceeds to charities that promote healthy body image for women. We think this is awesome and can't think of any reason not to subscribe!

Sign up today for your first pair of ultra soft stylish leggings - use our code IVYANDEVE for 25% off!

xxx Ivy & Eve

P.S. Please don't judge our yoga form...although we are experienced wine sippers, our yoga is a work in progress!

Thank you Enjoy Leggings for partnering with us for this post! 

Love is in the Air: Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. It's at the start of a new year, spring is in view, and everything about the holiday is pink and about LOVE. This year we are planning to put on a Galenetine's Day Brunch for some of our special gal friends to share our appreciation and love for them! We have picked out some gifts we think are almost as awesome as your Valentine or Galentine this year. What are you planning for this Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments!

xxx Ivy & Eve

The Colorful Faux Fur Season

Outfit Details:

Sweater Vince Camuto | Leggings Lululemon | Jacket Forever 21-available in stores only (similar here, and here) | Boots J. Crew | Mini tote Street Level (similar here) | Necklace Camilla | Bracelet Maria Shireen

Ivy loves faux fur coats and has been dying to get her hands on a mixed color coat like this one for over a year. Two years ago when the faux fur coats were making a comeback Ivy purchased an all black coat which she wears religiously in the winter. What makes fur coats so great is that they can dress up any outfit. On this occasion, Ivy is wearing this fun fur coat with a sweater and instantly her outfit is ultra chic yet comfy and wearable for everyday. Faux fur coats are the best of both worlds They look great and they keep you toasty warm...not to mention they are animal cruelty free! 

xxx Ivy & Eve

P.S. Have you ever checked out Street Level Bags? They are one of our favorite companies for budget friendly on trend accessories! (Check them out here)

Imoshion Satchel Purse

Outfit Details:

Turtleneck Target | Jeans ASOS | Necklace Gorjana | Satchel Purse Imoshion


Recently we went wine tasting at Niner Wine Estates in Paso Robles on our way to a weekend in Cambria (more on that later). Eve carried all of her daytime essentials in this amazing Imoshion satchel. We love the roominess of the bag while it doesn't look overly large. The fun and lively interior pattern is an added bonus that makes us smile each time we open the purse to grab something. We love the neutral diagonal stripes that make this bag go with just about everything! Did we mention that all of Imoshion accessories are cruelty free, vegan leather? What's not to love? Snag this bag and many more awesome accessories for under $45 on their website! In case you missed it, check out a post on another adorable Imoshion bag here!

xxx Ivy & Eve

Champagne Lovers Gift Guide

If you haven't heard...we love champagne. No. We ADORE champagne and we love anything related to our favorite bubbly beverage. With holiday shopping in full swing, we have been looking for gifts to buy each other. The list of things to buy each other is so EPIC we decided we must share with all our other bubbly lovers. Here is a list of our favorite gift ideas for all the bubbly babes on your christmas list!

xxx Ivy & Eve


For the Jetsetter

1. The carry on champagne cocktail by W&P Design. Now you can go anywhere and never be without your staple drink! 

For the Fashionista

2. The champagne bottle clutch from Kate Spade. What gets better than carrying all your essentials in a glittery bottle of champagne?

For the Trend Setter

3. Seriously- bring us champagne and we will get up faster then you can pop that bottle! Available here.

For the Gatsby Lover

4. Stackable champagne glasses are the ultimate party trick and perfect for any Great Gatsby themed party! Available at Coupe Stack.

For the Foodie Friend

5. By now, we all know Sugarfina and their delicious champagne gummy bears. Not everyone knows about their bubbly bento box. This is the ultimate collection of Sugarfina's champagne candies including their baby champagne gummy bears, sparkle pops, and bubbly bears. What makes this bento box so special is that it's not only a collaboration with Johnathan Alder and the box is made with 24k gold, but the baby champagne bears and the bubbly bears are infused with Don Pérignon Vintage champagne! Hello YUM! Buy them here.

For the Designer Diva

6. Because who doesn't need a champagne cork side table?! Available here.

For the Beauty Babe

7. Trust Fund Beauty's Champagne Socialite will make your mani go perfectly with your bubbly drink and on-trend velvet party dress. 

For the Stylish Nerd

8. Now you can subtly show off your love for bubbles and science! This necklace is shaped like a molecule of wine. Buy one here!

For the Bookworm

9. This beautiful and informative book about champagne will look perfect on anyone's coffee table! Available here.

For the Life of the Party

10. Chambongs. Why didn't we have these when we were in college?! Now available in plastic - perfect for poolside parties! (We have these and LOVE them!)

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color Review

Lipstick is a girls best friend (OK maybe second to champagne). It can transform any look in just seconds! When we were younger we shied away from them because they seemed like an "old person" beauty essential, but now we realized how amazing they are (our grandmas were smart)! The only problem we continually run into with lipstick is having to reapply it after eating, drinking, and basically breathing. Lipstick just hasn't ever held up to our standards, until now.

Let us introduce you to Maybelline Super Stay 24. Although it isn't in the standard lipstick tube, it truly is a lipstick in color and look. We were skeptical when we first bought the shade Always Blazing lip color but we were soon amazed by its performance. Simply apply the color to your lips as you would a lipgloss, let it dry (2-4 minutes) and then apply the moisturizing balm on top. We love the ultra-conditioning balm because it keeps your lips moisturized and happy. On an average day we only apply it once in the morning before work and by dinner it's still on and as good as when we first applied it. We wear Maybelline Super Stay 24 to almost every wine event we go to because we seriously don't need to reapply even if it's a 4 hour party with food and LOTS of vino. For the days we wear it from dawn to dusk though we will only reapply one time after dinner if needed (by reapply, we mean just a small touch up). Maybelline was not kidding when they said it feels just-applied after eating 300 cupcake bites, 120 coffee sips, and 99 kisses. The only bummer is most of the colors have an added shimmer (sometimes nice but we are more into matte lips). We have found three that are matte and mentioned them in our color review below. 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Colors we have tested:

  • Perpetual Plum- The color is pretty similar to the online photo, however the shimmer does not show up as intensely once applied. This color ended up being the most popular in our family, we both have one and we bought our Mom one too. It's the perfect color to accentuate your lips without making it look like you tried too hard. 
  • Always Blazing- This is Ivy's favorite of them all. Unlike the photo online it is a bright red color and has no sparkle to it at all. If Ivy is wearing red lipstick in our style posts its most likely this color. See here, here, here, and here and the photo below.
  • Keep Up The Flame- This is also a very red lipstick. It is a little richer (darker red) in color then always blazing and also is matte looking. Perfect for fall and winter looks or a night out! This is Eve's go-to red lip. 
  • Constant Toast- This color goes on much more translucent then we expected. We thought our lips were going to look like the ice princess lips, but the color was very light pink with quite a bit of shimmer. Although the color was fine on us (our skin is so pale!) we wouldn't recommend this for tanner people it may actually make you look like the ice princess, if your into that totes get it!
  • On And On Orchid- We like this color because it's a bubble gum pink perfect to wear everyday, and it is also matte not shimmery at all. 
Ivy wearing Always Blazing!

Ivy wearing Always Blazing!

With the right lipstick you can conquer anything!

Looking Fierce in the City

One thing we love about going to San Francisco is that while daytime fashion tends to be pretty casual and practical, at night you can dress up and go out on the town! Ivy wore her new favorite body-con dress to happy hour and into the night while Eve wore her go-to cute yet casual tunic dress during the day. Can you tell we both LOVE grey? This year, we found an amazing online boutique called Stay Fierce Boutique. It is based in North Carolina and all of its products are under $35 and they have great dresses for any occasion! If you missed our last post featuring a Stay Fierce dress, find it here. We had such a fun time running around the city in our Stay Fierce Boutique dresses. Use our promo code IVYEVE15 at checkout for an additional 15% off your purchase through the end of the year!! 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Ivy's Outfit Details:

Dress Stay Fierce Boutique | Heels H&M sold out (similar) | Faux Fur Coat Missguided 

Eve's Outfit Details:

Tunic Dress Stay Fierce Boutique | Leggings J. Crew | Boots River Island sold out (similar) | Necklace Pacific Gypsea

Fashion in the Forest

Eve's Outfit Details:

Boots Steve Madden | Jeans Vero Moda | Sweater Forever 21 | Monogrammed Purse Mark And Graham (currently only $69.99!)

Ivy's Outfit Details:

Boots Steve Madden sold out (similar here)| Pants Sanctuary | Sweater Lumiere Le Tote | Necklace Kate Spade | Bracelet Kate Spade | Purse Under One Sky Le Tote

For Eve's birthday, we decided to spend the afternoon in Pebble Beach, CA. We headed to one of our favorite local places to grab a glass of bubbly and a bite to eat: The Bench. This place is great for any casual afternoon or evening drink. Sit at the communal outdoor fire pits and enjoy the view of the coastline and the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach golf course!

We ordered a butternut squash flatbread, macaroni and cheese, and some portobello mushroom fries (which were all delicious!). After indulging, we took a short drive along Pebble Beach's famous 17 mile drive. While driving, we found a cool looking stand of forest off the side of the road. So we decided take a look around the trees. We loved the way our outfits blended in with the colors of the forest. 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Give Thanks Giveaway

IMG_0798 (1).jpg

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we like to take time to reflect on all that has come to pass during the year and to think of all we are thankful for. On the top of our lists are always the people who have had major impacts on our lives such as our parents, best friends, and others we interact with and rely on from day to day. 

We decided to host a giveaway for all of our followers (who we are most thankful for) and someone they are truly thankful for. The prizes in this giveaway includes our favorite fall items: 

  • Comfy Blanket Scarf

  • Vegan Leather Tassel

  • Tazo Pumpkin Spice Tea

  • Big Red Mug

  • Favorite Fall Nail Polish

To enter just subscribe to our email list here and tag the girl-friend or family member you are most thankful for on our official giveaway posts on Facebook or Instagram. This giveaway is a perfect way to show your appreciation for someone special since we will be sending each of them this little autumn care package! 

Giveaway ends Monday, November 14th at 11:59pm PST! 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Paris Street Style

Outfit Details:

Dress Stay Fierce Boutique | Booties Lucky Brand

There are few places better to look to for fashion inspiration then Paris. This summer we strolled the streets and gazed at the people walking past and all their unique styles. There is so much creative inspiration in Paris it's hard to leave and not be inspired. On this trip, we brought along a lot of cute summer dresses in hopes that the weather would be warm. Unfortunately, most days it was windy and rainy, but it's Paris so who can complain. Plus it made each minute of warm weather even sweeter. One evening when it was nice out we dressed up went out to dinner. Ivy wore this super adorable dress by Stay Fierce Boutique. This dress went well with the overcast sky and the Parisian architecture. It is also perfect for fall and Ivy has worn it numerous times. 

Stay Fierce Boutique has so many cute dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and tops to choose from! We ended up ordering more for our fall wardrobe (we will post on these soon). We love their trendy clothes and how affordable they are. All of their clothing is under $35! 

Use our promo code IVYEVE15 at checkout for an additional 15% off your purchase!! That makes everything under $30!

Happy shopping!

xxx Ivy & Eve

Thinking Pink

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One in eight women in the Unite States is diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Virtually everyone has been affected by this disease. Our Grandmother and Aunt both had Breast Cancer and we eventually lost both of those amazing women to cancer. Recently, our doctor recommended we get tested for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. These mutations are linked to a high risk of Breast, Ovarian, and other cancers. Since two women on our Dad's side of our family had gotten Breast Cancer, our Dad got tested first. He came out positive meaning we had a 50/50 chance of carrying the same gene mutations as well. We took the test as well and both came out positive for BRCA2. We have a 45% chance of having Breast Cancer and 17% chance of having Ovarian Cancer. Luckily, since testing positive, we are able to seek genetic counseling to understand our risk and what we can do to stay on top of it. Knowledge is power and we are glad we found out and we can support each other.

We recommend all women to visit This site is super informative, upbeat, and! You can find out your Breast and Ovarian cancer risk with their risk assessment here. You can also find info on how to donate, peer-to-peer counseling, and so much more.

This month, we won these adorable hand stamped pink ribbon necklaces from Mignon Mignon. We picked the rose gold to represent the pink ribbon for breast cancer. We love them so much and have been wearing them almost everyday since we received them! Mignon Mignon also does personalized initials, zodiac signs, coordinates and more! Did we mention that they are all super affordable? We think these would make perfect gifts for anyone and any occasion. We know where we're doing our christmas shopping this year!

xxx Ivy & Eve

Cozy Fall Favorites

Stores everywhere are stocking their shelves with cozy socks, warm scarves, winter boots, and cute hats to prepare us for the chilly autumn air. We decided to share with you a few of our favorite new finds.

We found these cute and cozy marled knit crew socks at Forever 21 for just $5!!! Naturally, we had to get them. You can never have too many socks. This pretty blanket scarf was a major steal we picked it up in the Target dollar spot for just $7. We ended up buying three different colors and buying some as little gifts for our friends. We seriously love them (not sold online-similar here). Hurry to your Target to get one...or two yourself! This fun ASOS fur bobble hat is trending right now and we think it's perfect for autumnal walks in the changing leaves. The last item is the ultra classic L.L. Bean Boot. We always loved the classic style of these boots and finally decided to test them out for ourselves. Ivy can't wait to wear these when we visit our family cabin in Montana this fall! They are cute and functional which we love! 

xxx Ivy & Eve

A Trip to The Pumpkin Patch

Outfit Details:

Plaid Shirt Target | Jeans Uniqlo | Vest Le Tote | Chelsea Boots ASOS | Cascade Earrings Kate Spade | Clutch Imoshion

Visiting a pumpkin patch in October is one of our favorite things to do. One of our favorite places to visit is Earthbound Farm's Farm Stand which has pumpkins in every color, shape, and size imaginable! We like visiting this market and cafe all year round, but we love it during the fall when they fill the grounds with pretty pumpkins, corn stalks, and other autumnal decorations. Ivy wore a warm quilted vest, and plaid shirt for this trip. She paired it with this super cute clutch from one of our new favorite brands, Imoshion. We love this brand because we are big animal lovers and Imoshion only features vegan leather bags. Although its not real leather its almost identical in look and feel! We also love that all their bags have pretty fabric lining and tons of pockets to stash our lipsitck, glasses, and other goodies. Did we mention that all of their bags are less than $50?!?! Definitely keep this brand on your radar! Previously, we have shared some of their other great bags here, and here, and here

xxx Ivy & Eve

Moss Green Dress for Fall

Outfit Details:

Dress Noir Le Tote | Necklace Jessica Simpson (similar here)| Purse Jessica Simpson Le Tote | Sandals Sam & Libby

Here in California, the beginning of fall is still pretty warm. We can still wear dresses without jackets and heeled sandals instead of boots. Although we can't wait for cooler weather, we still enjoy that we can sit outside and have a glass of wine without turning on the outdoor heat lamps. Last weekend had perfect weather for wearing a knit dress and drinking wine at one of our favorite hotel bars at The La Playa Hotel. We sipped on crisp dry sauvignon blanc and watched the sun start to set. 

xxx Ivy & Eve

FabFitFun Subscription Box Review + $10 Coupon

FabFitFun is a quarterly shipped subscription box filled with the season's hottest beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion products. Each box costs $49.99 and is packed with the season's hottest products (worth AT LEAST $100). Eve has subscribed to this box for a year now and each season, the boxes keep getting better and better! 

What we love about FabFitFun boxes is that you get a little bit of everything you would want/need for the season ahead. We love that the boxes ship just as the season starts so you have 3 whole months to enjoy them before the weather changes. For winter, each box had a pair of cozy fingerless gloves. Spring had an amazing contouring kit. Summer came with a beach tote to cary your summer essentials. 

We think the Fall 2016 box was the best yet! The first thing we noticed when we opened the box was that it was PACKED! Usually you get a lot of items in each box but this box was bulging and had extra tape to keep the box shut. Once we opened it, we were instantly in the fall spirit! 

We have broken the box down into separate categories: Style, Beauty, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Extras. 


We LOVE ModCloth. They have such great quality, slightly quirky clothing (think Anthropologie's hip younger sister). We were very happy to receive this blanket scarf in our box. We see us wearing it with pretty much everything this season. Plus, it is so big, it can double as a pretty airplane/travel blanket!

Mod Cloth Loch and Scarf in Taupe Plaid (one of 4 colors) worth $34. 


This box was heavy on the beauty products. We especially LOVE the nude eyeshadow palette. The colors are beautiful and the shadows are super blendable.

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette worth $50.

Spongellé Bulgarian Rose Limited Edition Buffer worth $16. 

Mullein & Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil worth $18.

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Face Serum worth $50. 

The BrowGal Clear Eyebrow Gel worth $20.


These socks are perfect for yoga. Our feet are always slipping and sliding on our mats so these are a perfect solution!

ToeSox Half Toe Ankle Grip Socks in Fuschia worth $15. 


Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. We aren't super into them (we have a hard time coloring inside the lines!) but this would make a cute little gift for one of our more "mindful" besties. The tumbler however, is Eve's new favorite morning accessory. She fills it with her favorite Iced Coffee and heads to work every morning.

FabFitFun Coloring Book and Pencils worth $16.

The Created Co. Tumbler (one of 2 options) worth $19.


Each box comes with a few sponsored bonus items. This season, the samples are really great. Most of the time you get tiny one use makeup samples or coupons but this time, We got two travel sized items! We love Secret deodorants and this one is extra long lasting (48 hours). The wipes are perfect for keeping in your car to clean your hands/etc. on the go (as well as using them for the more obvious reasons). 

Secret Outlast XTEND Clear Gel Deodorant .5oz.

Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes 42 count. with two coupons.

The total worth for this box was $238! 

 We totally recommend the FabFitFun subscription box because it has a bit of everything a girl wants for such a great price point. It ships 4 times a year too so it really feels like a treat when you get it in the mail. We already bought a few extras to give as gifts.

If you would like to try FabFitFun, use this code for $10 off your first box (that means ALL of this for only $39.99). 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Farewell Summer

Outfit Details:

Dress Octavia Le Tote | Shoes Sam and Libby Target | Necklace Gorjana Le Tote | Purse Sondra Roberts Le Tote

It's starting to cool down here in Carmel Valley. Although "Fall" weather here is still about a month away, we are finally starting to get in the mood. Over the weekend we decided to grab a quick snack at one of our favorite spots in the Village, Corkscrew Cafe. We sipped on bubbly rosé and nibbled on roasted garlic and toasted bread. Ivy wore this lovely plum colored dress as she transitions her wardrobe from bright colors of summer to autumnal gem hues. 

xxx Ivy & Eve