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In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we like to take time to reflect on all that has come to pass during the year and to think of all we are thankful for. On the top of our lists are always the people who have had major impacts on our lives such as our parents, best friends, and others we interact with and rely on from day to day. 

We decided to host a giveaway for all of our followers (who we are most thankful for) and someone they are truly thankful for. The prizes in this giveaway includes our favorite fall items: 

  • Comfy Blanket Scarf

  • Vegan Leather Tassel

  • Tazo Pumpkin Spice Tea

  • Big Red Mug

  • Favorite Fall Nail Polish

To enter just subscribe to our email list here and tag the girl-friend or family member you are most thankful for on our official giveaway posts on Facebook or Instagram. This giveaway is a perfect way to show your appreciation for someone special since we will be sending each of them this little autumn care package! 

Giveaway ends Monday, November 14th at 11:59pm PST! 

xxx Ivy & Eve

THEIT Colt Camera Bag & GIVEAWAY!


When I was little I fell in love with photography. I loved the way you could capture moments and frame feelings within an image forever. I have always loved art. I painted, and drew throughout my childhood and young adult years but that never gave me the same feeling photography gives me. When I take a great photo I get really excited and it inspires me to keep going. 

When I received my camera I also received a camera bag. The camera bag did its job saving it numerous times from breaking when I dropped it, but it was really unattractive. When I got older, I started leaving it behind and just carrying the camera in my hand or worse, putting it in the bag I was using. Eventually, I broke a lens doing this. I just hated how ugly and bulky the camera bag was while still not having enough room for my other essentials like my phone or wallet. I honestly stopped using my camera as often and just started using my iPhone more and more. But that was all about to change....

A few years ago when I was in college, Eve's friend got a new camera bag called THEIT Bossi Bag. I remember Eve telling me about it and I gushed over it on THEIT website, but being a poor college student I had no way to pay for it without feeling guilty. It wasn't until this spring that I remembered the camera bag I had desperately wanted. With our blog just starting up I decided I would definitely be using my DSLR camera often and that I really needed to have a camera bag I would use and love. So I took the plunge and bought THEIT Colt bag before our trip to Europe.  

As soon as I held  the bag in my hands I fell head over heels for it. I was really impressed with its packaging because there was so much protective tape around everything insuring it wouldn't get scratched or damaged I almost didn't want to take some of it off because I was afraid of scratching its perfect surfaces. Soon I would come to find that this bag is made of tough stuff. 

THEIT Colt bag is made of navy saffiano leather which is smooth and virtually scratch and waterproof. On our trip to France and England it rained everyday and many times I would end up soaking wet and the bag and all its contents would be dry as a bone! The bag has beautiful golden detailing which I love because I tend to go with gold jewelry over silver. One of the best things about this bag is the strap(s). The bag comes with TWO! The one I use most often is all leather, with adjustable straps and a neoprene shoulder pad for added comfort. The other also has the neoprene shoulder strap but has a gold chain. The gold chain instantly adds a lux look to the bag but still with the comfort from the shoulder pad. The bag also has a front pocket which I found very useful for storing my iPhone 6. 

The inside of the bag is lined with padded material and comes with 2 removable (padded) inserts to secure your camera gear so they don't rattle around. Although the bag itself it relatively small compared to any other camera bag around, it still fits a good amount of things inside it. On my trip I carried  chapstick, sunglasses, my favorite lipstick, a RxBar in case I got hungry, my iPhone, extra charger, bandaids, my wallet, and my camera all inside. Recently I even tested how many 187ml (mini) champagne bottles could fit in it: 4 comfortably. You never know when you may need a little bubbly!

This bag has honestly been one of my best investments in a long time and I would highly recommend it to all the women out there who love photography and style. This bag combines functionality with a timeless design that will last many years. 

Over the last few weeks Eve and I have been lucky enough to get in contact with Nicole the founder of THEIT brand. After talking to her about the bag and our travels she offered to do a $150 gift card giveaway for the readers of Hello Ivy & Eve! Their bags range from $159-$329 (so that means you can get a bag for as little as $9!!). We were so excited for this opportunity to sharing our love for this bag and THEIT company. We hope you think this bag is amazing too! To enter the giveaway simply follow the steps below:

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  2. Follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook (or both!)

  3. Follow THEIT bags on Instagram

Giveaway ends September 5th at 11:59pm PST! 

If you don't win the giveaway you will still get a 20% off discount for entering! 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Update: This giveaway has ended! 

Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner has been selected!