Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Color Review

Lipstick is a girls best friend (OK maybe second to champagne). It can transform any look in just seconds! When we were younger we shied away from them because they seemed like an "old person" beauty essential, but now we realized how amazing they are (our grandmas were smart)! The only problem we continually run into with lipstick is having to reapply it after eating, drinking, and basically breathing. Lipstick just hasn't ever held up to our standards, until now.

Let us introduce you to Maybelline Super Stay 24. Although it isn't in the standard lipstick tube, it truly is a lipstick in color and look. We were skeptical when we first bought the shade Always Blazing lip color but we were soon amazed by its performance. Simply apply the color to your lips as you would a lipgloss, let it dry (2-4 minutes) and then apply the moisturizing balm on top. We love the ultra-conditioning balm because it keeps your lips moisturized and happy. On an average day we only apply it once in the morning before work and by dinner it's still on and as good as when we first applied it. We wear Maybelline Super Stay 24 to almost every wine event we go to because we seriously don't need to reapply even if it's a 4 hour party with food and LOTS of vino. For the days we wear it from dawn to dusk though we will only reapply one time after dinner if needed (by reapply, we mean just a small touch up). Maybelline was not kidding when they said it feels just-applied after eating 300 cupcake bites, 120 coffee sips, and 99 kisses. The only bummer is most of the colors have an added shimmer (sometimes nice but we are more into matte lips). We have found three that are matte and mentioned them in our color review below. 

xxx Ivy & Eve

Colors we have tested:

  • Perpetual Plum- The color is pretty similar to the online photo, however the shimmer does not show up as intensely once applied. This color ended up being the most popular in our family, we both have one and we bought our Mom one too. It's the perfect color to accentuate your lips without making it look like you tried too hard. 
  • Always Blazing- This is Ivy's favorite of them all. Unlike the photo online it is a bright red color and has no sparkle to it at all. If Ivy is wearing red lipstick in our style posts its most likely this color. See here, here, here, and here and the photo below.
  • Keep Up The Flame- This is also a very red lipstick. It is a little richer (darker red) in color then always blazing and also is matte looking. Perfect for fall and winter looks or a night out! This is Eve's go-to red lip. 
  • Constant Toast- This color goes on much more translucent then we expected. We thought our lips were going to look like the ice princess lips, but the color was very light pink with quite a bit of shimmer. Although the color was fine on us (our skin is so pale!) we wouldn't recommend this for tanner people it may actually make you look like the ice princess, if your into that totes get it!
  • On And On Orchid- We like this color because it's a bubble gum pink perfect to wear everyday, and it is also matte not shimmery at all. 
Ivy wearing Always Blazing!

Ivy wearing Always Blazing!

With the right lipstick you can conquer anything!