Your Eyes' New BFF

We are big fans of simple beauty routines. We just don't have time to spend hours soaking, scrubbing, or waiting for mud masks to dry. Don't get us wrong - we love to enjoy long leisurely treatments (mainly at the spa), but can't find time to do that very often. Ever since sheet masks joined the beauty scene we have adored them. They are relatively inexpensive, simple to use, and work well (not to mention how much fun it is to scare your bfs when you're wearing one).

When we saw Honest Hazel under-eye masks in Anthropologie we knew we had to try them out. Whether you need an under-eye pick-me-up after a long night on the town, or just want to perk up your skin before an event, these little under-eye masks will do the trick! We love how hydrating and repairing they are with all natural ingredients like cactus collagen, and aloe vera. They will vanish any dark circles, reduce fine lines, and de-puff within 20-25 minutes! We recommend popping them in the refrigerator before using them for an extra shot of de-puffing power. They will leave your under-eyes looking refreshed and ready for anything. 

What are some of your favorite beauty routines?

xxx Ivy & Eve

Thank you Honest Hazel for partnering with us on this post!