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A Vacation for the Senses

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation in the middle of the week, in a meeting, or really anytime you're not on one? We do all the time! Recently, we re-discovered the wonders of essential oils. We always knew about them but never used them regularly. When we found Organic Aromas, with their spa worthy diffusers and oils, we decided to treat ourself to an at home mini spa-vacation. We have put together some tips for you so you can have a mini-vacation for your senses without having to actually leave the house (or your bed)!

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Aromatherapy for the nose

We use this beautiful essential oil diffuser and essential oils by Organic Aromas. We love this company because it's oils are made organically, and the diffuser does not dilute (no water needed) or contaminate (it's made with glass rather than plastic) the oils.

We have their Radiance - Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser which is hand made and the glass has intricate swirling designs along the sides. It also has a color changing light at the base, which you can turn off if you are trying to sleep. It is truly a work of art on its own.

We paired it with the Ocean Breeze Essential Oil which smells lovely. Our favorite part about the diffuser is that it is silent, and it is very elegant, unlike many of the other chunky plastic diffusers on the market today. 

Music for the ears

Set the mood for your ears with some calming music. You can find music titled "Spa" "Calming" and "Relaxing" all over the internet. Here are a few of our favorite songs and playlists to get us in the R&R mood. 

  • Relaxing Spa Music (6 hours)-  For 6 hours of uninterrupted peace this is the perfect spa background music. Plus its free on Youtube! 
  • Relaxing Beach Music- This will take you to a tropical beach or stream without having to take a plane or train. Enjoy! 
  • Fairy Dance- Peter Pan Soundtrack- This was one of Ivy's favorite songs to play before going to sleep at night when she was younger. Almost the whole soundtrack is nice to listen to while enjoying some "me" time. 

Beauty for the eyes

The Organic Aromas diffuser is by itself beautiful enough to watch with its mezmerizing color changing lights; but if you want a little something more, we recommend finding a place in your house where you can look outside and enjoy nature, or watch a travel show to really "get away". We love watching Rick Steves travel shows which you can watch for free on PBS. If you are listening to music, grab your favorite travel book or novel set in an exotic place! There are endless ways to escape for just a little while. 

Nourishment for the body

We love how when we visit a spa, they usually have a few items to munch on while you wait for your treatment or while you enjoy the facilities. We recommend cutting up some apple slices, oranges, and mix together some nuts and dries fruit. 

Stay hydrated. Spruce up your ice cold water and pop in some fresh cucumber slices, or berries. Herbal tea is also another great option, we recommend drinking tea's that are decaf. Here are some of our favorite herbal teas:

  • Aveda Comforting Tea- We first discovered this tea when we took a trip to our hair salon back in middle school. It is so delicious and has a calming, comforting smell. 
  • Republic of Tea Get Gorgeous- True beauty comes from within, but this tea also helps with clear skin. So it leaves you beautiful inside and out!
  • Yogi Tea Relaxed Mind- Made with Lavender and sage to bring your mind to a state of tranquility. Take a sip and feel yourself relax. 

Rejuvenation for the skin

To rejuvenate tired skin, add a few drops of essential oil (1-2) to some fractionated coconut oil (get some here). Rub onto skin. If you are lucky maybe your Bae can give you a massage (hint, hint).  

We also think this is a perfect time to put on one of your favorite sheet masks to really get that "vacation glow". Here are our top fave sheet masks right now!

  • Sephora Collection Rose Sheet Mask- We have tried all of Sephora Collection sheet masks and love them all. The rose mask helps brighten and moisturize. It smells so good too!
  • Tony Moly I'm Real Red Wine- This mask is for reducing the size of pores while tightening and purifying. We tried the mask and liked it but to be honest, we just love this one most of all because well, WINE!
  • Leaders Moisturizing Recovery Mask- This mask is made from bio-celulose coconut gel and is the most moisturizing mask we have ever tried. It sticks to your face like a second skin and when you take it off, you seriously see and feel the moisturizing effects all day long. 
  • Masque Bar Green Tea 3-Pack- We first discovered this brand in England and are so excited that they are now available in the USA! We like all of the Masque Bar sheet masks but Green Tea is our ultimate favorite. It is moisturizing and lifting making your skin feel completely refreshed once you take it off!

**Always test essential oils on small portions of skin before rubbing it on large sections, you're skin may be sensitive. Remember essential oils are concentrated and can sometimes irritate skin if not diluted. Read more about oil safety here.

When you feel stressed and in need of a mini vacation, how do you relax? Share your tips in the comments below!

xxx Ivy & Eve

Thank you Organic Aromas for partnering with us for this post!